Badminton Updates: Goh V Shem/Tan Wee Kiong Clears First Round Of 2018 Thailand Masters

Goh V Shem/Tan Wee Kiong Clears First Round Of 2018 Thailand Masters

Till now 2018 Thailand Masters is going very well for Malaysian players. Almost everyone have been able to clear their first round. Currently World No 29 Malaysian pair Goh V Shem/Tan Wee Kiong on Wednesday cleared their first round of 2018 Thailand Masters.

2018 Thailand Masters

They defeated Indian pair Brijesh Yadav/Kapil Chaudhary by 21-6 and 21-16. It was a very comfortable win for Malaysian pair. As a result of this win they have registered their name in the second round of 2018 Thailand Masters.

They will have their next meet on Thursday with Hong Kong’s Lam Wai Lok/Li Kuen Hon.

Goh told after the game, “We followed our game plan today, and it turned out to be great. We are going to make careful preparations for Thursday’s match against Lam/Li of Hong Kong.”

When asked with Malaysian men’s double coach, he expressed his happiness for the pair. He told reporters, ” It’s a good start for V Shem/Wee Kiong after being reunited. However, I hope they will continue to show improvements.”

In the first set the picture was scripted totally in the favour of Malaysian pair. They easily managed to win the game by 21-6. In second game they got some amount of challenge from Indian pair but still managed to win by 5 points. They finished the game 21-16.

Moreover another pair Ong Yew Sin/Teo Ee Yi also entered into the second round of 2018 Thailand Masters. One can feel that the name is Thailand Masters but presently it looks like it is being dominated by Malaysian players.

There is an expectation from BAM and men’s double head coach to get some points from these two pairs. They really expect theirgood game in 2018 Thailand Masters and also in Asian Team Championship in Alor Seat next month, which is also a qualifying round for the 2018 Thomas Cup.


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