Leong Jun Hao wins Asian Junior Championship 2017

Leong Jun Hao a new upcoming talent from Malaysia proved his capability in Asian Junior Title. The Asian Championship held in Jakarta where this man made his country really proud. 

The 18 year old young talent clinched the gold in an extremely high pressure game. He took 1 hour and 14 minutes to make his one of the dreams come true.

Leong Jun Hao
Leong Jun Hao winning Asian Junior Title

On Sunday ie 30th July 2017 he played final against Bai Yupeng of China. When the tournament started he was considered to be at the sixth rank. But with his capability and strong belief he made it possible for Malaysia.

Leong Jun Hao won the Asian Junior Title Championship by 21-6, 20-22 and 21,17. It was not an easy win for him as the points shows themselves how hard it must have been for him to make this title under his name. The final was played in Jay Raya Sports Hall Training Centre, Jakarta.

On Saturday Leong Jun Hao claimed a stylish victory against Kunvalut Vitidsam of Thailand. He climbed the ladder of semi final by 19-21, 21-14, 23-21.

Highlights:- Leong Jun Hao v/s Bai Yupeng

  • In the first game it looked like it will be an easy final for Malaysian player. The man won the first game by 21-6. Everyone thought at that moment it will be a cake walk for Malaysian talent.
  • But second game came out to a cracker for both the players as well as for audience . The second game so close that till the end of the game it was difficult to decide who will win the second set. But at the end China’s young boy made the second set towards his way by 20-22
  • Third and the final games went towards Malaysia’s way as Leong Jun Hao won the title by 21-17.

This is how the thrilling final came to an end with Leong Jun Hao becoming Champion of Asian Junior Title.

It was a great victory and came for Malaysia after 4 years. Last time it was in 2013 when Soo Teck Zhi won the title for Malaysia.

The best part for the new talent was when Malaysian PM Datuk Seri Najib Razak congratulated him. “Congratulations Leong Jun Hao on winning the Asian Junior Championship” he posted on his twitter page.

Futhermore 3 more bronze medals were clinched by Malaysian Team. Girls singles , boys doubles and mixed double won these three additional medals along with gold by Leong Jun Hao.


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