Champions Trophy 2017:- Group A each team has a chance to qualify

Champions Trophy 2017

Champions Trophy 2017 got started on June 1 2017. Till now 4 matches have been played in group A and only 2 matches in Group B. Group A consist of England, Australia, Bangladesh and New Zealand. Group B consist of India, South Africa, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Champions Trophy 2017

In Group A England leads the point table with 4 points. In Group B India leads with 2 points.

England on Tuesday 6 June won its second game against New Zealand. Thereby England became the first team to qualify for the semifinals of Champions Trophy 2017.

New Zealand lost the game by 87 runs and went to the 4th place in the points table. Last hope for the New Zealand was Corrie Anderson who got out when the score was 208.

But the turning point in New Zealand’s inning was the dismissal of Kane Williamson. Kane Williamson got out on unplayable ball. For England the key player was Plunkett who took 4 wickets.

4 matches for group A has been played and till now its very difficult to decide the second team to qualify.

There are many possibilities which can take place in the points table.

For Australia

Next game for Australia is against England. If Australia wants to qualify for semi finals then its a must win for them. For them it is not more than a quarterfinal. If they win they qualify if they lose they will be almost out of the Champions Trophy. Then their fortune will be dependent on weather conditions in New Zealand v/s Bangladesh match.

For Bangladesh

Bangladesh is at 3rd position with NRR – 0.41. They will have to win their next match against New Zealand to qualify for the semis. If they lose they will be out of the tournament. If they win then also it is not confirmed that they will qualify. Their fortune depends upon Australia v/s England.

If Australia looses their hopes are revived. If Australia wins they will be going back to home.

For New Zealand

Their condition is similar to that of Bangladesh. For them to qualify Australia must lose a match against England and they must win the match against Bangladesh. The team has the worst NRR of – 1.74. Their position is 4th.

Points Table for Group A

Teams          Matches Won Lost No Result Points NRR

England             2           2        0          0              4.       +1.07

Australia            2          0         0         2            2.            0.00

Bangladesh       2          0        1          1              1        -0.41

New Zealand    2          0        1          1              1        -1.74

Role of Weather

June in England is famous for an unpredictable weather month. Anytime the bad weather can interrupt the game. Earlier also it has been experienced that 2 matches till now have gone without any result because of bad weather conditions.

No Result gives team 1 point which can make a huge difference in deciding the semi-finalist. There comes 3 permutations which can come into play if match gets interrupted due to bad weather condition.

1 Australia v/s England =  No result

New Zealand v/s Bangladesh =  No Result

This will give Australia 3 points in total and other 2 teams 2 points each. Australia will be playing semis.

2 Australia v/s England = No result

Bangladesh v/s New Zealand = Any team wins

This will give Australia and the winning team 3 points each. Now NRR will come into play. The team having more NRR will qualify.

3. Australia v/s England = Australia loose

Bangladesh v/s New Zealand = No Result

All the 3 unqualified teams will have 2 points each then again based upon NRR semi finalist will be decided.

These were the different conditions upon which a team can qualify for the semi finals.


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