ICC Commitee puts forward some suggestions in meeting

Anil Kumble attending meeting for new suggestions.

ICC Cricket Committee led by Anil Kumble ( India’s coach) put forward some suggestions in the laws of cricket. ICC Chief Executives approval to these suggestions will be a key for future cricket.

Anil Kumble attending meeting for new suggestions.

These suggestions may become applicable from October 2017 after ICC executives approval. The meeting was held in London, England.Meeting went on for two days Wednesday and Thursday.

Not loosing reviews on Umpire’s call

Whenever there was a close call especially in LBW the umpire’s call was taken into consideration.

Now ICC Committee has suggested that if decision is made on the basis of Umpire’s call then the challenging side(who calls for review) will not lose review.


For an example:- If Umpire gives out on LBW and batsman takes DRS. Then if third umpires takes his decision with respect to Umpire’s call then team will not lose DRS.

Earlier two reviews were allowed in Test Match and 1 in One Day Match. If any review went wrong then the team will lose the review. But if the decision goes in the favour of team then it will sustain the review.

But if this change comes into play then only 2 reviews will be allowed in entire innings of a test match. This means no top-up reviews after 80 overs will be allowed.

Introducing DRS In T20

ICC Committee also recommends to introduce DRS in T20 Internationals as well. Earlier Joe Root said even a single decision can change the whole game in shorter formats.

Pakistan used this DRS for 3 matches in Pakistan Super League and was very much successful.

Bad behaviour not entertained

Committee also suggested that Umpires should be free to get the players out of the field if he does not upheld the spirit of game.


Means Umpires may be allowed to issue a red card if any player behaves badly on the field.

Maintaining width and depth

Now each batsman may have to maintain width and depth of the bat according to the limits set by ICC Committee. This will help in maintaing the balance between bat and ball.


Some other suggestions were also given but their application in the game depends upon their approval by ICC Chief Executive.



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