Ranked No1 Lee Chong Wei added another All England Open in his account when he defeated Shi Yuki of China.

He became the most aged man (34) to win this title. Despite of the injury in his left knee he managed to strike this tournament again.

He smashed all over the court to make a remarkable win of 21-12 Β 21-10 in his favourite tournament. Lee Chong Wei said ”Β Every year I come here I feel like I am playing at home.”Β 

Lee Chong stated that it might be his last All England Open and would enjoy the tournament. But the winner was not at all aware of the achievements which were supposed to knock his doors later in the tournament . This win helped him to join Wong Peng Soon and Eddy Choong who made this record in the late 1950s.


Shi entered into the finals for the first time after defeating Lin Dan. This was his unbelievable victory. His first gold medal came when he made super series final to his name.

Experience showing the class and winning the finals very comfortably which held in Birmingham England. This title gave Chong the confidence to get set for another tournament.

At startring both were going good when Shi too lead of 8-7 but it was for the first and the last time. From there onwards Chong Wei’s show started and everywhere it was CHONG WEI. Chong Wei’s experience made it look like it was very easy. Shi tried each and every corner to defeat Chong but all the answers came into his own net giving away points to Chong Wei.

Lee said ”Β When I decided to come which was a very close decision I never at all thought that I would win the title. Yes I am surprised. It might be my last and I just wanted to come and enjoy it.”

Forgetting all about worries, injuries, difficulties, pains diamond made his way to take another title. When he played his first two matches he gathetered a lot of confidence which made him to win All England Open once again.

Chong Wei is now looking forward to another tournament in August and he ensure that he will be a great opponent for others.


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